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Frequently asked Questions

1. How long does it take to make one Neon Track?

It all starts with the design of the frame. I model it to the lay-out of a specific race track and shape it so it can hold the Neon LED. After that I can make the frame using the machines I have in the workshop. Then it is time to combine the Neon LED with the frame and connect the electronics, the final assembly. After testing it is time to package the Neon Track for shipping to a customer. This total process takes between 6 and 10 hours depending on the size and the chosen circuit.


2. Do you make all the Neon Tracks by yourself?

Yes, I am a single person running Neon Tracks and get to do it all myself. Every Neon Track is designed, made and assembled in-house by me!


3. How long does it take from when you order to when you receive your Neon Track?

Production time usually takes between 3-5 business days, depending on the number of orders I receive. Shipping takes mostly between 1-3 business days for continental Europe. Do you live further away shipping will take between 3-7 business days most of the time. Of course when your Neon Track is shipped you will receive a track and trace code so you can keep an eye on the shipments progress.


4. Why do you not use "real" Neon?

I use Neon LED for various reasons, the first is the costs of glass neon and the equipment. The second reason is safety, in the glass neon tubes there are dangerous gasses and of course glass. This is a hazard for many environments and especially for children. The Neon LED I use has the looks of neon, is just as bright and beautiful, but is a lot safer.


5. What is the frame made of?

The frame is made with a durable, biodegradable bioplastic which is safe to use for baby's, children and adults. The material is derived from renewable resources, which makes Neon Tracks have a lower carbon footprint.


6. Do you get warranty on your Neon Track?

There is a one year warranty on each Neon Track. It will last a lot longer than that, because the LED can run for many thousands of hours!


7. Where is Neon Tracks located?

I am based in The Netherlands in the beautiful city of 's-Hertogenbosch.


8. Is a Neon Track safe for kids?

Yes, as mentioned before the frame is made with a safe bioplastic and with neon LED. The bioplastic is better for the environment and safe for all ages. The neon LED doesn't contain harmfull gasses or glas, which makes it safer. The Neon Track works on just 12 volts, which reduces the risks for shocks and electrical shortcircuits.


9. Can I request a  (local) track?

Yes, I haven't come acros a circuit I cannot make into a Neon Track. You can always send me a message to comfim. Or you can use this product on the website to make your request!


10. I have a different question.

Please send me a message